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Out of work ...

This is for those of you who find it difficult to imagine life without a 'job'.


Today is my first day after quitting my most recent job.  I was 'at it' for one year and one week and then left.  It seems like my stays on the job have been getting shorter over the years. But  the way I'd like to see it is that I stay at it until a certain milestone is reached, and then walk away.   I've been going to regular jobs for the money and the social acceptance that comes with them, but have entirely ceased to enjoy the formal workplace.  This time around I hope I will truly find the 'other thing' to do that will meet my needs for a reasonable earning, a sense of purpose and substantiveness and some basic acceptance in society.  Nothing more, really.   The last time I quit, I enjoyed my 'lateral' life for a year - but didn't find an alternate course.  So I returned to the fold.


I have a list of things that I'd like to work at, this time around.  I made the list a few weeks ago when I was clear I was headed for the exit door.  Such a list gives me a sense of immediate direction.  It also gives me a basis to justify and to verbalize my decision to quit. I've been telling people that I will try these out and if they don't take-off, will strike them out of my mind, for good.  Of course how long to persevere at these before striking them out, as non-starters, is what I'll have to live out.


So what has today been like? 


Day started at 7am and followed the usual course until 8:30am (no different than if I were running off to catch the bus to 'office')  Thereafter I got some time to actually open up accumulated mail (that would otherwise lie around and eventually disappear) & sort out account statements relating to my not-so-exciting investment portfolio.  Once she woke up, I spent time with my 15-month-old daughter's daily routine - the morning cheering up and cleaning-up before she was ready for her difficult breakfast grind.  The mid-morning sagged a little bit because I was not sure I could leave the house (our maid deserted us last Saturday, perhaps in anticipation of my joblessness !) until my wife and I had sorted out some division of duties and labor around kid and house.  Since that division of duties hasn't happened, I've sat back at home today.  So it will be an unplanned day I expect.  Not unexpected for a first day off the job, I should think.


Spoke to an ex-colleague who had jumped the bus a few weeks before me.  He is doing it for the first time in his life.  So he began describing how in his first few weeks off the job he had to deal with the stripping down of privileges.  Like not being able to get a new cell phone connection for the asking.  I've been through this.  The cell phone chaps want you to be a salary-slave.  Else you have to fork out may '000s by way of deposits for your connection.    Its not just the cell phone wallahs.  There are lots of interactions that are tougher when you don't have a label to attach yourself to.  I'd like to create a label for myself, this time around, rather than go attach myself to one.  That is the project.


I resisted one appointment (to discuss a new idea in the tech space), as I was not prepared for it today, and failed to secure another one (postponed to tomorrow at the other parties request) to discuss one of the projects on my list with a potential partner.


So here I am at 3:30pm on this Wednesday ... out of work ... but not without things to do.