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Bangalore Notes is an
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goings-on from our locus in this
rapidly transforming city.


The site is irregularly
updated - but we hope
to become more dependable
as a source for interesting coverage and reading.
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Whats New:


What BMTC must do - An addendum to the Citizens Round Table of Oct 7, 2017

How to tell a 'Cosmopolitan' Bengalurean & How to tell a 'NEW" 'Cosmopolitan' Bangalorean

Frozen Passes and Primordial Fossils in Kumaon

Diary & Scrapbook

A Long View of the Cauvery Water Wars - A personal experience view from the Karnataka-TN border

Some Cauvery Imperatives and Questions

Whose Cauvery is it? Perspectives on the river sharing impasse

The Ambivalent Indian - Anjum Hasan on UR Ananthamurthy in the Caravan

Gustav Krumbiegel - Bangalore's German landscaper

"What Bihar Means" ... Aseem Shrivastava on the 2015 Bihar Elections

Two great publishers not to miss:  S. Anand's Navayana & Ruby Hembrom's Adivaani

The Cycle Moves On (from April 2014)

Badanavalu Sathyagraha

Peak Oil India - External Link exploring the oil (and resource) limits of the world

Shuja: What he meant to all of us  (Memorial Meeting, April 12, Sunday)

Remembering Shuja

The Konaseema/Godavari Delta Page

Mother by P. Lankesh, translated by HS Komalesha - from the Caravan, Jan 2015

The Trash Pages

Muse India - A superb literary e-Journal with plenty of focus on translation into English

Turahalli - Bengaluru's Last Wilds (and land grabbing in the city and state)

Athree Book Center's - Ashokavardhana - Richard Lasrado in "The Mangalorean"

Hind Swaraj versus Hindutva - Ananya Vajpeyi in the The Hindu

Babur and the Hindus - Read SK Banerji's paper from the Journal of the UP Historical Society, 1936

Pandurang Hedge on Rescuing the Handloom Industry

Gundappa Vishwanath - may greatness never be forgotten (external link)

A Droog List

Our Babel and word drift

Auto Angst

Pebble Garden, Auroville

Our Spontaneous Shamelessness

Vijay Gupta's The Bicycle Story

The Night Before Christmas - Illustrated by MF Husain

Bone Setters and Panchanga Rains

Download Fazlul Hasan's "Bangalore Through the Centuries"

T. Vijayendra's, "Three Essays and a Story"

Jeff Schmidt's, "Disciplined Minds"

Hello Hooghly (at last!)

Vontimitta, Kadapa - Tales of Sri Rama ...

Writings & Ruminations in the Himalayas

Why time warps

Recent Reading

An ethic for the 'new' bicyclist

Just GREAT writing on cricket & music

Chatwin's Notebook Excerpts, Anarchist views on Work and Education

Read our notes:  Centered on Ourselves, India is different, Trader Tales, B.P. Wadia, The New Govt in Karnataka, A National Blindspot? Why Travel?, Bidar, Pondicherry, Our Chauvinism, Karachi Stories, Yasin Malik at Kamat and other stuff

Meet T. Vijayendra and read his writing on Bihar, the Naxalites, Dakhni and more ...

A Random Set of Picture Postcards