Common Trees of Bangalore

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Our favorite Bangalore canopy tree is the Rain Tree (Samanea Saman).  Unfortunately this fine shade giving tree has fallen completely out of favour in the last 20 years because it needs space that directly conflicts with  multistoried buildings, power lines and even such crass needs of the new Bangalore, as store signage visibility.  Widely planted as an avenue tree in Bangalore until a couple of decades ago, this is a tree that ensured that walking the streets of Bangalore remained pleasant even in the hottest months.  Old residents will remember KR road from National College to KR Market and so many others that were delightful tunnels under rain tree canopy.

Visit Bengaluru's NGMA to sit under one and enjoy a cup of tea.  Or find the last remaining streets in Basavangudi and Jayanagar to enjoy the solace of the rain tree, today.

Here are some great lists on common trees of Bangalore and peninsular India

The following are good tree books to have handy for spotting and identification

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Finally, keep track of Neralu - an annual tree festival that has been community organized in Bangalore since 2013.