Common Trees of Bangalore

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Our favorite Bangalore canopy tree is the Rain Tree (Samanea Saman).  Unfortunately this fine shade giving tree has fallen completely out of favour with city officials and residents.  We can't imagine why.  Widely planted as an avenue tree in Bangalore until recently - this is the tree that ensured that walking the streets of Bangalore remained a cool and pleasant even at the hottest times of the hottest months.

The Copper Pod is another large beauty.  It flowers in about April each year with its bright yellow flowers interspersing the green of the canopy

Tabebuia Argentea is a flaming brilliant yellow spectacle in its flowering season.  Generally pretty small in size (at least the Bangalore specimens seem to be small) it can truly light up a drab street or neighbourhood. 

Tabebuia Rosea flowers are a pale pink & in season the branches are laden with these beautiful papery flowers.

Purple Bauhinias seem to be in favour these days.  Newer parts of the city have been extensively planted with these by the BDAs horticultural department.  They have large cleft leaves and the flowers are a lavendar.

African Tulip is a tall stately tree with large orange flowers that intersperse its crown in season.

Lagerstroemia Regina or Speciosa - also known as Pride of India and Crepe Myrtle, also called Jarool. Has rose like 6 petal flowers that blossom early in summer followed by oval fruit. Valued for it's tough red timber, medicinal uses and ornamental beauty (description source:


Pongamia Pinnata (Honge) is very widely grown in residential areas and seems to be a favorite with Bangaloreans.  Honge oil is used to light lamps & the tree is in general considered to be a healthy one to grow in and around houses.