Bangalore Ethos

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A 'reflection' on Bangalore's changing culture

First Published in the Deccan Herald - Spectrum in 1999

The Bengaluru Pee-Project & Street Art

Dr. Krishnanand Kamat's Website

"My Own PrivateBangalore" 

Rajendra Chenni on Bangalore's linguistic identity crisis

In the Hindu Friday review

UR Ananthamurthy on the 'state' of Karnataka

In the Hindu, Friday Review

Er ... are you ... Kannadiga?

Deepa Ganesh in the Hindu, on Bangalore's 'uneasy' relationship with Kannada

Bangalore's Van Gogh

'Meet' Rumale Chennabasaviah,

"Bangalore's own Vincent Van 

 Gogh" - TP Issar in 'Topic'



Photo Source: Christoff Dittrich


Contemporary Kannada Literature

Feature in Issue #43 of Muse India edited by HS Komalesha

Aliyeh Rizvi

is truly excellent on Bangalore

Philip Meadows Taylor

Gulbarga's Indophile - from the Deccan Herald - Spectrum - Nov 19, 2013

Jai Iyer

Graphic Bangalore ! (Don't Miss this)

The Sociology of Suicides 

Ram Guha on Bangalore's high suicide rates

Battles for Bangalore: Re-territorializing the City

A paper by Janaki Nair - Center for the Study of Culture and Society;  "pdf" format

The Wrath of Grapes

Ram Guha on Premier Bookshop in The Hindu - Magazine,  Jan 19, 2003

Conversation With Books

Janaki Nair in The Hindu - Magazine, Feb 10,  2003

Old Poor House Street and its Tradition of Tolerance

The Hindu - MetroPlus,  Aug 14,  2003 

Is Kannada COOL?

Bageshree S. in The Hindu - Metro Plus - Bangalore - Oct 30, 2003

Kannadiga?  Oh Yeah !

Rajendra Chenni in the Deccan Herald - Spectrum, Oct 31, 2003

The Kannada Film Crisis of 2004

A perspective on the Kannada Film Crisis of Nov-Dec 2004